Kaye Adams Show, Radio Scotland

I was invited to speak on the Kaye Adams Show this morning on Radio Scotland.  The programme runs for three hours so I listened to the first two hours … breastfeeding, dogs, cats, food, the news …. waiting for my turn to come.  The reception on my two radios became very poor and I could not access the programme online.  Yet my sister was listening in the south of England!!  I was sidelined by the presenter in favour of an “expert” who works for the addiction services.  I was spitting fire as I listened to his ignorant comments and misinformation.  I was really quite upset afterwards.  And the programme was only interested in the subject of addiction because a TV celebrity has gone into rehab!!


My home help came and we went to a shopping centre (Union Square) but I didn’t enjoy it and just wanted to be home and to be left alone again.  Spent the afternoon talking to other campaigners online, writing to the BBC and the Kaye Adams Show in the strongest possible terms.   Felt somewhat better by evening.

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