Another year older!!

And this is my 4th birthday spent in bed.  Who would have thought it.  I was supposed to go for physiotherapy today but didn’t feel up to.  Have been quite comfortable in my bed.  Enjoyed opening my birthday cards and putting flowers in a vase.  Had a nice meal tonight even though pre-prepared from the supermarket.  A friend phoned in the evening.  Otherwise been emailing journalists asking if they will cover the Scottish Parliament Committee Meeting on 29th June, when our petition  on PDD will be discussed.  I am detecting some significant improvement in my cognition which is really the best birthday present I could have.  It is really more important than being able to walk properly.  I’d rather spend most of my time in bed with a clear mind than to walk around with a foggy brain not knowing what is what or what I am supposed to be doing.  And having no idea at the end of the day how I have passed the hours.

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2 Responses to Another year older!!

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    That’s a great birthday present !! I hope it lasts. XX


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thanks, Rae. It was really nice, didn’t last but never mind, it will happen again. xx


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