The farce continues …

Today I have heard back from the Health Board regarding my out-of-region referral request to Prof David Healy, Bangor, Wales.  The HB continues to insist that I first be referred to the Substance Misuse Service locally. Apparently psychiatrists in SMS have “the clinical expert knowledge in the management of benzodiazepine withdrawal and consequences.”  Wouldn’t it therefore have been prudent to refer me there three years ago when I told my GP I was suffering from benzodiazepine withdrawal?  Apparently not.  Of course my GP did not believe me at the time.   Strangely enough, the GP who advised me to come off Nitrazepam after 40 years has just written to me stating that his experience with benzodiazepine withdrawal is from a substance misuse perspective and that this is not relevant to my case.   I am a bit confused as you might imagine.  I am inclined to go along to the SMS just to see what happens.  And if my GP’s experience is not relevant why did he have the audacity to suggest I stop taking Nitrazepam with the result that I am left in a state of permanent disability?  I wonder if anyone can explain it all to me.

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2 Responses to The farce continues …

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Things are moving so fast there, Fiona. I can’t keep up. You are doing amazing work to further your cause. You reallly have come a long way if you look at where you began.


  2. Fiona French says:

    Thank you, Rae. It sure is a rollercoaster ride here!! I wonder where it will all end. Hope you are well. Take care. xxx


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