The subtle art of deception – letter from neurologist

Today I have received the letter from my neurologist, consulted on Friday last week.  What he has written sounds very plausible and reasonable on the surface but of course it is what he fails to say that is really important.  He states “it seems clear that coming off Nitrazepam must have been a very difficult experience and may have invoked lots of physiological changes and been a trigger for functional symptoms also”.   I guess that is as good as it is likely to get.  He seemed to be more emphatic when I spoke to him.  He said “the shock of coming off Nitrazepam was the most likely cause of my neurological functional symptoms”.  Now it is only a possibility.  Just a change in emphasis but very important to me.  He also states that I saw Dr S from Psychiatry in 2104.  He goes on …  “she had chronic fatigue syndrome …  ” as if it was a statement of fact, yet there is no definitive proof I had that condition.  It was only an opinion and an ill-informed one at that.  And so my official diagnosis remains “neurological functional symptoms / impairment”.  Nowhere in any official statistics will the cause ever be known and I am sure that is how it is meant to be.   I can only imagine that the medical profession has no concern about these matters.  If it did, it would surely take steps to do something about it.  Or perhaps it is the case that there are very powerful vested interests (psychiatry) that will ensure everyone toes the line and conceals the true scale of the damage from psychiatric drugs.  How many other patients with CFS are in fact suffering from prescription drug damage? And those with MUPS?  And those with somatic disorders?  The Grand Master of the Magic Circle springs to mind, the art of delusion is surely at play.

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