Whose interests does the RCPsych really serve?

Dr James Davies questions the role of the RCPsych and suggests that ” …  the interests of the College trump the public’s when it comes to the truth about psychiatric drugs.”  My own observations would lead me to the same conclusion.


Dr Peter Gordon, psychiatrist has been communicating with the President of RCPsych, Wendy Burn, expressing his concerns about the evidence-base for antidepressants and the language used in the public domain to denigrate those who question the risks posed by these drugs.  Prof Wendy Burn, in response, has decided she no longer wishes to correspond with Peter Gordon.

Let us be kind to one another even when views may differ

Dr Neil McFarlane, psychiatrist has also complained to his Royal College.


I happened upon a leaflet about antidepressants produced by RCPsych in 2009. Under the section “How long will I have to take them for?”  it states that “Without any treatment, most depressions will get better after about 8 months.”  I believe this is an important piece of information to present to those accessing this leaflet.


However, in the current leaflet on the RCPsych website this statement has been replaced with the following statement “Sometimes depressions get better by themselves.”  This certainly suggests that it does not happen very often.   I have asked RCPsych to explain the change on Twitter but no response has yet been received.


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