Unfounded accusations and insinuations on Twitter

Campaigning on prescribed drug dependence and iatrogenic harm is not easy.  For the most part people are respectful and polite and I have rarely had to block anyone for being rude and obnoxious.  We all misinterpret things at times but usually apologise for it when the misunderstanding becomes clear.  I hope that I remain polite whilst also challenging the views of others.  I am not normally prone to paranoia but I have become very suspicious recently of various false accusations and insinuations and all from medical doctors. I find it very interesting that it should be medical doctors.

First, a doctor called “Frontline Shrink” said he had been bullied by many people after a few tweets were exchanged with one or two campaigners.  I asked him to clarify how many people he had been bullied by but he did not respond. I had simply asked him to clarify a tweet as it did not make sense to me nor did it make sense to others in the thread.  I did nothing whatsoever to bully him.  

It  was later suggested on Twitter by “Physician Associate” that I was part of a “band of bullies”.  I had bullied no-one but was taking part in a conversation with other campaigners. He happened to enter the thread and someone responded briefly.  The conversation between campaigners continued and was not directed at Physician Associate.  The generalised comment was withdrawn later in the conversation.

This was followed soon after by insinuations by Dr Samei Huda, psychiatrist that I and other campaigners may support the Far Right and Scientology. Dr Huda has not apologised for this insinuation.  He seemed to think he could bully us into agreeing with his statements about another campaigner, Bob Fiddaman, and when we did not comply he made his appalling comments about myself and Andy d’Alessio.

“And as for Andy Alessio and Fiona French not finding far right radio stations interviewing  Klansmen as not something to worry about – well look at your values”

What he did not know was that due to cognitive impairment I could not follow the thread which I was supposed to be commenting upon.  Even if I had been able to follow it I may have chosen not to comment as I normally take time to mull things over.  I believe it is my right to do so without insinuations being made about my values.   In any case I do not like being bullied into doing something, whatever it may be.  I prefer to make my own decisions.

Today Dr Huda has commented that some people in a thread of which I was a part wanted benzos to be withdrawn when in fact one person suggested it and it certainly was not me.  I do find it rather curious that all this happened before and after the recent press coverage of the resignation of Prof David Baldwin when campaigners were accused of carrying out a sustained campaign of abuse via social media.

I do not think these incidents are innocent or accidental.  Quite the opposite.

Screenshots have been taken of the above comments.


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